Focus on the Family – The BadWolf Family that is…

Happy new year! We sincerely hope you and your loved ones enjoyed a wonderful Holiday Season. We are back into the swing of things again and Jeremy is busy brewing and I am working on the planning for 2019. As I plan for this next year, I have to ask, “What makes BadWolf special and unique?” I feel like we are a family, we are small and the space is seriously nano-sized when compared to our neighboring breweries in town. We have something very special that when you are a larger brewery, you don’t necessarily get the opportunity to interact with the owners as easily and meet people because you are in a small space. People remember each other’s names and look out for one another. I look back when we had our production facility, all my time was eaten up solving unplanned problems that I never had time to do the things I love or that Jeremy loves. I love to write and plan and execute some fun marketing ideas. I could go on…anyways back to what’s happening at the brewery…

On Jeremy’s way out the door today, he spoke of brewing up a NEIPA at 8% and tomorrow he has a sour on his mind. He said he knocked out an hour and a half faster than he had in the past. I asked him what had changed and he chalked it up to just being more efficient.

This Sunday we have our Q4 Stein Club party, and it’s TACO NIGHT! Woo-hoo! I will be making several types of meats & veggie dishes for everyone to dish up some fine tacos to pair with our beers. I was thinking that maybe our next Stein Club party might involve a Brewing Party with food and maybe a new release. We will have to vote or get some input on ideas.

Later this month, we have our first Brew Day with Jeremy that is FREE to the public! I have 10 slots available (which are filling faster than I expected) and the event details are listed on the Events page of our site. The goal being to have fun and maybe gain some knowledge that someone did not have before or at the least make some new friends! This event is on Thursday Jan 17 from 11am-5:30pm.

Don’t forget Wicks & Sips & Books on Tap this month.

Keep a watchful eye on what’s on tap. We are doing a brew with IMAGINE this month and it’s gonna be AWESOME!

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