Happy holidays from our family to yours!

Dear BadWolf Family,

We hope you had a wonderful year and enjoy the upcoming holiday season. It was definitely one of our tougher years but we survived and are grateful for the support and friendship from all of you. We consider every one of our customers family and so we want to share with you a clip of our 2018 BadWolf journey.

In January 2018, we were in a dark place. We had just made the a difficult decision privately to downsize our family business and we were trying to juggle a newborn, maintain a regular job full time, be healthy, keep our relationship and family together and strive to keep BadWolf going. At one point, we had accepted the fact that we were going to lose our home and had mentally prepared for it. It felt like a nightmare and hell for weeks and months. Fortunately, the downsize and eventual sale of the old location in July 2018 was just enough to keep ourselves out of trouble. We still had to pay mountains of debt and so we renovated and sold our first home to pay more of it off this fall.

Even when we wanted to give up and felt like we were at the end of our rope with each other and with life, we figured out ways to cope last winter. It was tough and insanely scary, and we finally delivered the news to our team in April 2018 that we would be closing the production location. It felt like cutting off one of our body parts and there was no turning back. The town and the rest of the world would hear that we sort of “failed”. Dare I say that word in these times? No one likes to hear it. But it is okay to not make it. You have to screw up in order to keep going sometimes. Just remember when it gets tough, “And this too shall pass”.

When we thought everything was okay, we realized it still was not okay. After going through something so intense and painful, there is still a lot to process mentally for months and weeks to come. We reached out to friends and family again and found tremendous support there.

We truly enjoy adventure and challenge and it would be boring if we had not opened a brewery. We laugh now and say we went through this and we learned how NOT to do things. Our perseverance paid off and now we are looking forward to a new journey in 2019. There are many roads and opportunities and we are not sure yet where we will be but there is one thing we definitely agree about and that is we will be a family that is still together. Family is the most important thing and those relationships with loved ones.

For the Meyers family, we have more ideas up our sleeve. Our journey has just begun. We have the BadWolf blog https://badwolfbrewingcompany.com/blog where you can see some updates from time to time. We hope you and your loved ones have a beautiful, safe and happy holiday season! Take care and enjoy life. Stop by the taproom to grab a pint, a growler or a flight on flight on Thursdays for just $10!


Lots of Love,

Sarah, Jeremy, Isaac & Oliver

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