It’s about the beer

BadWolf will be turning 6 years old next June. Great news! We’ve made it past the 5 year mark as business owners! And what a road trip it has been. Things are settling down so that is a win-win situation.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past year is this and I ask myself this question. Am I jaded when I see that so many breweries focus mostly on events now? It seems everyone is just posting events left and right and beer is not that important anymore. What? Yeah, you can have mediocre to cruddy beer and it’s somehow okay. I didn’t think there was room for it…

Jeremy puts all of his efforts into the products that he makes and the events are secondary. We have a few here and there but it is not our primary focus. Just today, the new Brite Tank finally arrived! This means, no more hand carbonating kegs and we can finally lager again. It will save his knees, arms and back from shaking each sixtel before placing them into the fridge. The bottling process will also have a few less steps and beers will become clearer which I don’t know how he does it with the current process. It’s tough brewing on a homebrew system when he has to constantly repair and maintain it weekly. The plastic fermenters have served us well over the years at the nanobrewery space. One day, he hopes to upgrade to legit conical tanks and I hope to upgrade the customer space with some fancy aesthetics. For now, we can enjoy great beers.

We currently have the following 22oz bottles:

1 case left of the Badass Mother Pucker, a few cases of Radegast, a few more bottles of I’m leaving You for Brett & Jesse’s Girl.

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