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pH+unk House? What’s that?

By August 30, 2017 No Comments

We are excited to announce that our original location at 9776 Center St. has officially become the Ph+unk House. We’ve celebrated the occasion by tapping our first Brett Sour Saison aged in Gin Barrels. The sour disappeared too quickly and other sour beers are eagerly fermenting. Within a few weeks, we should be back to a full lineup with various kettle sours and brett sours for your tasting pleasure. “I’m Leaving You For Brett”, our first true brett sour, will be available in bottles only at Center St at the end of this month. No worries as a few taps will still be dedicated to traditional styled brews. With this new focus on sour beers our hours were also modified slightly. The Ph+unk House will no longer be open on Sundays, so that our brewers can spend that extra time working hard on perfecting these complex new brews. We thank you for your patience in this time of transition, and your continuous support! Check out badwolfbrewingcompany.com to see what we have on tap today!

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