The Little Brewery That Could…

It is bitter sweet to sell our old house and I am sharing why publicly so that you know our story and our struggles and maybe it somehow helps YOU. We sold our first home this week through Stacy Martin our long time realtor & friend. We took our last picture at the home. It was sold to pay off debts owed from BadWolf Brewing Company — our business venture. It was amazing what we accomplished and built over five years but we couldn’t sustain it. Last year when Oliver was born, we almost lost our current home. So we scaled back to the small pilot facility to focus on our family and our physical & mental health. We thought it would get easier but it has still been a tough year.

I am choking up writing this because it feels like failure when your account says “zero” but you haven’t really failed. Your bank accounts keep reminding you of it for months but you have to pay everyone else first and move on. It’s part of the reason Jeremy Meyers is especially struggling because he pours his heart and soul into the brewing but we still owe and that means no paycheck. He does so much hard work daily no matter how he feels. Each batch is 100% him in some way. His ideas, sweat sometimes blood and burns —fun times brewing right?!. His body is breaking down though and his arms are in a lot of pain right now. His only wish is for people to come through the door to see him and try his masterpieces. Each day we just keep working toward keeping our promises and moving forward no matter how we feel. All of this has equated to experience that I am hoping we can pour into a new project someday and can help others do the same. It is a struggle but no matter what, he has my support and yours too so he will be making the best damn beer in Manassas in the meantime.

I just feel like if I am honest about what is happening and spell it out that it will help us heal and maybe inspire someone else to keep going because you can too climb your way out of what can seem like a long fall down. #inspirationalsale



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