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Upcoming Releases

August is VA craft beer month!
We release the Freshy Weisse in cans aiming for mid to late August. This is a tart and refreshing Berliner Weisse, finished with the zest of 100 limes to make the perfect summer beer. Check out our friends at Freshy Sites who inspired this brew and they build amazing websites! ABV:3.8% IBU:12
At the pH+unk House we plan on keeping three of our six taps running with clean beer while we keep bringing kettle soured beers as well as the odd blended sour keg to the other three. There will always be something you like at Little, uh… pH+unk House.
BadWolf pH+unk House – New Hours and Beers

BadWolf pH+unk House (9776 Center St) is in the first phase of the transition to going super funky! So we can fully concentrate on building our solera barrel program, the hours will change. Beginning Aug 1, 2017, we will be closed on Sundays. For more brewing!
Solera brewing is not unlike a sourdough starter. We brew a beer, same as always, ferment with sacc (brewers yeast) then add select bacteria and wild yeasts to get the desired flavors. With four active solera barrels we hope to be able to put out a few very small runs of blended sours as well as fruit sours in bottles every few weeks. 
Keep your eyes peeled for our first “true” sour beer. “I’m Leaving You for Brett” is in bottles and will be released in early October. Expect strong notes of funk, pineapple, juniper (from the KO gin barrel) and 9%abv.  : )
BadWolf Brew House (8420 Kao Circle)

Aug 12, 2017 – CLOSED for a PRIVATE EVENT at 5pm. Stop by the pHunk House which will be open normal hours with a full lineup of 6 taps!
-Mondays & Tuesdays – we will remain open 4-8pm after Labor Day. Look forward to Mario Mondays and VR on Tuesdays!
BadWolf’s Fall Festival Oct 7, 2017

15 local breweries, food trucks, live music & your favorite line up of BadWolf beers at the Brew House (8420 Kao Circle) 2-8pm! The hurricane didn’t stop us last year and this one we hope will be our biggest one yet! Tickets will go on sale in September.

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